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Thread: GRE Average score

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    GRE Average score

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    Hi , I gave my GRE in January 2007 and now I am planning to re appear in Dec.2011.
    I scored 1140 on my GRE and the new pattern is being scored on a range of 130-170 .
    How will ETS average both the scores or would it be advisable to appear in Feb 2012 ( old GRE score expires in Jan 2012 ,considering I gave my GRE in Jan 2007)?
    Any inputs are appreciated?

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    1140 is ok ok types score.. to get a nice university i think you should give the new gre n then apply..
    but the new 1 is a little different with analogy section being removed n sentence completion part made more tough....
    so u see to it, if you feel like giving new gre, do that or else go with your old score!

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    Re: GRE Average score

    other than the top schools, an average GRE should be sufficient to get you to where you want to be, assuming the other sections of your applicant are solid

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