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Thread: How to post in selling forum ; Market place

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    How to post in selling forum ; Market place

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    I've been trying to send a new post in selling forum in the market place.I can only reply to any existing thread or a post but cannot start my own. I had given the valid email address and made sure the settings are all correct in my account .Can you help me ! May I know if selling books in the selling forum is free or not?
    Please give me the right procedure to post a new thread.Thank you

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    Re: How to post in selling forum ; Market place

    Posts in Selling Forum are free.

    I do not know why you cannot post there. In the past there were restrictions on new members. These were removed and I am not aware they have been reimposed, although there have been some recent changes to software which may have had an effect.

    You will need to wait until Erin comes along to see if he has an answer.

    In the meantime you might try logging out, clearing cookies then logging back in (gives the sense of doing something).

    Please don't post about your books in the other forums.

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