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Thread: Qualifications needed for getting scholarship ?

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    Qualifications needed for getting scholarship ?

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    Hi. First of all, i have little idea about getting scholarship. So i started to search for scholarship offers for different Canadian Universities to see qualifications needed to get scholarship. I searched atleast 10 Canadian universities. And these universities offer scholarship but any of these universities do not provide qualification needed to get scholarship(not at all).

    Why is so? They try to hide scholarship program? Try to discourage students or what?

    So how to get scholarship for those universities? I searched for University of Victoria, Thompson Rivers University, Simon Fraser University, University of toronto, etc.

    (I want to do MBA as a foreign student and looking for scholarship)
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    Actually scholarship given according to qualifications, but financial aid, donations etc. are different case.

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    what qualifications needed to getting fullfree studentship?????

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