hi all,
iam applying for MS CS in Fall 2012
my GRE score: Q-800,V-640,AWA-4
TOEFL:not yet given
UG: 9.4/10

anyone please suggest good/medium univerisities for MS(CS) that give aid,TA/RA easily based on past admits..i dont hav papers/publications at present but iam confident that i will do 2 or 3 this sem..i hav done a project on web designing..also i hav good grades in CS subjects in under grad..so please suggest some univ where funding is more likely..n how can i improve my chances of getting aid??
do these univ give aid?
Iowa state university
Northeastern university
university of florida

also are chances of getting aid more in canadian universities?if so please mention the names..

thanks in advance,