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Thread: drowning myself in frustration...

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    Unhappy drowning myself in frustration...

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    Hello, TMians.

    I'm just feeling very sad and frustrated. I am trying so hard to find scholarship/fellowship opportunities available for international students to finance my MS studies at UMN, but it seems like this is a wild goose chase. I have surfed through hundreds of websites, but most of them are directed towards US citizens or permanent residents. I just wish these orgs will give poor but deserving international students a chance to compete. I also tried the Fulbright awards here in the Philippines, but I did not manage to qualify. I don't know how it is possible for me to make it in an American university, but not manage to get a scholarship in my own country...

    I think I have exhausted all the assistantships/specialist positions available at the School of Public of Health and other departments of UMN. I have also tried inquiring to professors from the Public Health Dept and also in other departments (Chemistry, Bio Sci, Envi Sci, God knows how many...), but none of them gave encouraging replies. I got one positive reply for an assistantship (as an International Health Advocate, which offer 25% tuition waiver), but I have to be interviewed personally in their campus. How can I do that? I have not applied for a US visa yet. To my disappointment, they said that they will only consider students presently enrolled in the university

    Why is it so hard to find an assistantship at UMN, esp. at the Public Health Dept.? Other departments or universities are generous in offering tuition waivers and stipends to graduate students. It feels like I'm passing through the eye of a needle or going through a ring of fire, and I will pass only if I got through unscathed. I really feel envious over my co-TMians who receive generous offers from their respective universities, but it is not nice to be jealous over other people's achievements...

    I really wish God and the university will give me a chance to study at UMN. I really like Industrial Hygiene, and I believe it has a great social relevance. It just breaks my heart when I see laborers and workers who are continuously exposed to hazardous chemicals and other work environment hazards without even taking into account their safety and health concerns. This is my way to help them: to gain as much knowledge as I can, and to echo my learnings so I can ensure their safety and health in the workplace. I just wish the university will hear me out in my dire need of a scholarship or an assistantship to pursue my grad studies...

    Oh, well, For the meantime, I'll drown myself in frustration and disappointment to Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly with His Song," James Ingram's "Just Once," Brian Mcknight's "One Last Cry," The Carpenters' "Solitaire," and other melancholic songs. I just wish I'll have more energy and determination to continue searching. I just don't know how many million times will I get rejected...

    Thank you, my TMians, and I wish u all the best...

    Just expressing my sentiments,

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    Re: drowning myself in frustration...

    come on pal, cheer up. although i don't know whether i am in the position to say this because i am new in this university admission processing.

    you have not written anything about your GRE and TOEFL. have you mentioned your scores while writing to the professors? and what about universities other than UMN?

    whatever happens, please never ever give up.

    by the way, watch some excellent hollywood action movies.

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    Re: drowning myself in frustration...

    Hey, I understand how you feel. I was in the same situation some years ago when I applied to college (undergrad.) in the US. I got accepted by an excellent university but without aid. At that time I didn't have a green card, and so I searched in vain for a scholarship program in the US that would consider international students. Actually, I'm pretty sure there are NO such scholarships in the US. So eventually I had to decline the admission offer...
    I think that as a graduate student, once you are in the US you will surely find a way to earn money. But to be able to begin your studies there, you must have some money. If e-mailing the profs really doesn't help (try it again and again), you should consider a loan. Do you maybe know someone in the U.S. that would co-sign for you?

    I really feel envious over my co-TMians who receive generous offers from their respective universities.
    Well, you have to keep in mind most of these people applied to PhD programs, not MS programs. Most universities generally don't offer (guaranteed) financial aid to MS students. Some do, but it's rather the exception.

    I wish you all the best. Good luck,

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