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Thread: Fpgee exam april 2011

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    Fpgee exam april 2011

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    Hi Guys, For those sitting the exam coming up or those who have experience with the exam;

    1) Do we need to memorise the structures of the drugs?

    2) Is there much medicinal chemistry on the exam?

    3) Are there many calculations in the exam?

    4) Do we need to know how to perform Pharmaeconomic calculations, for example working out the elasticity of demand, or net profit ratios of a pharmacy etc...

    Thanks. Any detailed info much appreciated.

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    Hi About yr Question on Chemistry ...
    U dont 've to do all structures just do basic for each group. e.g: Benzodiazepins, Barbiturates etc
    yes there is Med Chem but its all abt basic just u know form yr 1st bpharm and 12 sci.
    calculation is nominal but u should know basic form Manon Shroff book thts enough.... and elasticity n np n all its all in Manon S cal book its online too

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    what am i to focus on FPGEE exam?..I only studied the comprehensive pharmacy review by LEON SHARGEL..is that enough for me to pass the exam?

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