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Thread: New FPGEC Application after case closure?

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    New FPGEC Application after case closure?

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    I'm in a tough situation with my FPGEC process. I applied and passed on my fifth attempt in 2011, but wasn't able to complete the TOEFL certification before the expiration period. I contacted NABP and re-applied in 2016, but wasn't able to pass. According to the Candidate Application Bulletin: "Candidates that do not pass the FPGEE upon the final allowed attempt will have their FPGEC application closedand will be ineligible for further testing." I think I'm in this situation. I made two unsuccessful appeals to re-open my application, but haven't had any luck. Has anyone else encountered this situation and gotten an opportunity to re-apply? I'm in a really tough spot and would really like another chance. Please let me know.


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    Re: New FPGEC Application after case closure?

    My God, Abdoul ..Your English is excellent really and I find it very strange that , with such level of English as yours , you still couldn't pass the TOEFL and missed your last chance to totally pass the FPGEE ..It's the toughest situation anyone can imagine , and I think you should never stop making appeals to NABP until your case is justly considered ..Good luck , my friend with your appeals which I hope you never stop submitting because , if your appeals have not been considered , I'm afraid you'll have only one choice left to become the US registered pharmacist we all want to be , and that will be enrolling in pharmacy school in any state and starting from scratch , which will take you at least 6 more years to become a registered pharmacist ...I , feeling the frustration you are now feeling which really ached my heart , still want to suggest something for you for hope it may help and open a new door of hope for you ; if you can inquire about whether your completing some courses or even earning a diploma and then reapplying to take the FPGEE with such " vital change " in your credentials 'status , maybe the FPGEC will re-consider your case and accept you as a new applicant ...I mean you need first to inquire about this , because a two-year diploma is a far shorter way than a six year pharmacy degree .....Again , good luck , my friend .

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