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Thread: What is FPGEE passing score ?

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    What is FPGEE passing score ?

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    Hello everybody
    In the application bulletin I have read that the passing score is 75 points ..My question here is .. is it 75/100.. or is it 75/150 ??
    And another question ..I remember reading somewhere on the internet that , if allowed in the test room , there is a special type of calculator to use in calculations and solving the many problems in the FPGEE that is only allowed by the FPGEC and that test takers need to practice as to how to use such calculator ...I hope someone who has recently sat the FPGEE will have the time to answer this last question ...

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    Re: What is FPGEE passing score ?

    Hi, the passing score is 75/150, however not all questions are weighted the same (more difficult questions are worth more points), but you don't know how many points a question is worth during the exam.
    The calculator was super basic. The software itself had a calculator you could use with your mouse, but we also got a super basic dollar-store type calculator to use. It was easy to use, nothing special.

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