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Thread: ARCOS AWA book: Where are the Questions?

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    ARCOS AWA book: Where are the Questions?

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    Please help?

    I have the ARCOS book GMAT-CAT Answers To The Real Essay Questions ISBN: 0-02-863735-6.

    Pages 159 thru 275 gives useful 115 useful examples of Analysis-of-an-Argument question answers BUT DOES NOT GIVE THE QUESTIONS L ?!?

    Page 2 instructs to download the 115 questions from the URL: www.west.net/~stewart/gmat and to “click through to the “Free Downloads” page.
    Unfortunately there is NOT a “Free Downloads” page on http://www.west.net/~stewart/gmat/ L ?!?

    Page 275 “How To Obtain the Official AWA Questions” instructs to go to page www.west.net/~stewart/gmat/awa_down.htm
    Unfortunately http://www.west.net/~stewart/gmat/awa_down.htm reports “File Not Found” L ?!?

    Please can you kindly e-mail here (or inform the correct link from which to download) the QUESTIONS for the 115 useful answers to the Analysis-of-an-Argument questions given on Pages 159 thru 275 of GMAT-CAT Answers To The Real Essay Questions ISBN: 0-02-863735-6 ?

    The current list of official Analysis-of-an-Argument questions from the GMAT site does not have numbers so it is impossible to match them to the ARCOS essays.
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