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Thread: 001 Over time, the costs of processing go down because as or

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    Different approach.

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    I am so confused about AWA because I learned the following writing styles (which states the fallacies in the argument clearly) in another forum. Please point out if that is not american style.

    In this argument, the author claims that long term experience enables them to minimize the costs and thus maximize the profits in food processing industry. The author uses the decreasing cost in color film processing industry in 24 years as an example to emphasize that an organization will be more efficient if they learn how to do things better. At the first glance, the author's argument seems to be somewhat appealing, but through examination reveals that the argument is problematic because of two fallacies made.

    Firslty, the author made a gratuitous assumption that the long term experience guarantees the profits will be the greatest. However, there is no such evidence in the past to support author's argument. The author fails to account the other factors that may also affect the costs of the food. For example, salary of the labour, the raw foods price and the unpredictable expenditures. In common sense, these factors affecting the cost of food processing are variables. Therefore, this argument in the question should not be accepted except evidence is provided.

    Secondly, the author has also committed the fallacy of false analogy. The argument rests on the assumption that food processing industry is analogous to film processing industry is unconvincing since the differences between these two industries outweigh similarities. For example, the food processing industry involves the problems of food contamination, transportation and packaging which are totally different from the problems faced by the film processing industry. As a result, the author cannot simply apply the trend of price in film processing industry in food processing industry.

    In conclusion, author's argument is not persuasive as it stands. In order to strengthen author's argument, his should provide the company has learned how to do thing better which helped them to minimize costs and maximize profits. On the other hand, author can also uses other frozen food industry with similar company background as an example to illustrate his believe.

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    Hey, can anyone please help me ?

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    Food processing

    Over time, the costs of processing go down because as organizations learn how to do things better, they
    become more efficient. In color film processing, for example, the cost of a 3-by-5-inch print fell from 50 cents
    for five-day service in 1970 to 20 cents for one-day service in 1984. The same principle applies to the
    processing of food. And since Olympic Foods will soon celebrate its 25th birthday, we can expect that our
    long experience will enable us to minimize costs and thus maximize profits

    Please evaluate my essay:
    The argument that Olympic Foods will be able to minimize costs as the costs of processing go down over time is not a
    reasoned one. The argument assumes that a concept which is applicable for color film processing can also be applied for
    food processing without any change. In fact, it assumes that the same principle is applicable for all the types of

    There could have been a possibility for the cost of raw materials used in color film processing to have been reduced
    considerably thereby minimizing the overall cost of processing the color films. However, the same raw materials needn't be
    necessarily used in food processing. Thus, the same principle would become inapplicable for food industry. For example,
    the automobile industry revolutionised the manufacturing process of cars by switching to automation and robotics from
    manual operations. They believed that this move could save more time, improve accuracy, increase productivity and thereby
    mimize processing costs for the company. However, when steel, a raw material that is largely used to construct cars,
    prices increased over time, the overall processing costs also increased. Therefore, its not necessary for a company to
    minimize processing costs just by making a move towards efficent processing techniques.

    The argument does not cite the fact that even the cost of labour tends to increase over time. It could be that the labor
    wages of employees in food processing industry is higher than the labor wages of the employees in the color film
    processing industry. Thus the overall costs needn't necessarily be reduced in food processing just like how it reduced in
    color film processing.

    Thus as the argument does not consider the variations in raw materials used by different processing industries and the
    labor differences in the two industries, the argument does not strongly justify that the Olympic Foods will soon be able
    minimize their costs and maximize their profits.

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