“Of all the manifestations of power, restraint in the use of that power impresses people most.”

According to the author, power without any restrictions on its use is dangerous and restraint on that ability is what is acceptable. On the other hand, it can also be argued that putting limits on the use of power curbs its effectiveness as is the case in any type of restriction. I agree with the author and would like to substantiate this with the following examples.

Limitless power enables a person to violate all ethical norms and do more harm than good. Lets us take an example of the controversial 2G scam which was possible as the telecom minister of India was given unbridled power to suo moto make decisions and change the rules. This has resulted in a huge loss to the exchequer. Had the minister not been granted unlimited power, it would have been possible to check the scam at its roots.

Limitless power enables a person to spread his own questionable ideology. An example to support this can be the attempt of the islamic radicals trying to spread their own version of the message of Islam. The terrorist organisations which are banned in other countries are considered legit by some sections of the muslim population due to the social and rebuilding activities which they carry out. Such organisations have exploited this trust and have gone to an extent of imposing this belief in other countries by violent means. THe fact that these organisations are able to spread their beliefs is due to unbridled power and influence that they enjoy.

Unrestrained power in the hands of parents or the community is also questionable at times. This enables them to make decisions for the younger generation which are not always ideal. Examples of such power would be the recent issue of village legal bodies comprising the elders of the community which is able to adjudicate in cases of inter caste marriages. Power has enabled such bodies to go to an extent of sacrificing their own children in order to preserve the culture. Such acts have only been possible due to unrestricted power in enforcing one's own ideologies on another.

Thus, I strongly believe that unbridled power can do more harm than good and a line needs to be drawn so that the freedom to excercise power remains within the acceptable limits.