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"The society had suggested redevelopment proposal with upscale buildings and construction jobs,but this received criticism from middle class and senior citizens"

The argument regarding the redevelopment proposal draws various opinions.I however,strongly support the argument above.First of all,the upscale apartment buildings would add on to the number of apartments in the city.Secondly ,This proposal would generate jobs for labourers. First , the buildings are the face of the city and they require maintainence and redevelopment proposal would include all the facilities which were missing earliar.Take the example of Manhattan apartments where after the redevelopment scheme the senior citizens are happier.The reason for this is the Yoga club as well as elevator which was missing before.The middle class can also enjoy the facilities of the sports club and parking free of cost .In no way did the scheme created discontent among the residents. Second, the labour class would benefit from the proposal as well.This is a long term project so the employment opportunities would be generated in large numbers.Take the example of Tara apartments where the labourers were given job as well as mid day meal.Furthermore,the families of these labourers are provided accomodation and food as well.The society requires such projects for the upliftment of the weaker section . However,the project can bring short term discomfort for the residents who would be required to vacate the apartments.Furthermore,the living expenditure of these families would increase.These families should be provided with temporary acccomodation or some monetary benefits.These activities would in addition trouble the children as well as senior citizens.The proposal should take care of this as well. To summarize the argument,I would like to mention that the redevelopment proposal has long term benefits.The upscale apartment buildings and constuction jobs would bring positive changes to the society and the residents should co-operate to make this project a success