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Thread: PLZ rate my issue_Revised GRE Issue 053

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    PLZ rate my issue_Revised GRE Issue 053

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    53).If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable.

    Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

    The speaker of issue advocated that any means should be taken to attain the goal if this goal is worthy. Also, the speaker of issue considered these idea and actions are justifiable. From my point of view, I totally agree with topic claim because going all lengths can help us achieve success and come into power. In the following paragraph, I will try to detail why I come out in favor of topic’s position.

    Admittedly, owing to morale which plays a pivotal role in present society, so many people will regard taking action by hook or crook as condemnable and wicked sin. Like Olympic game, if athletes cheated in the game such as taking forbidden drugs or using illegal equipment, they will be canceled their competitions and condemned because they are short of sportsmanship. In addition, doing anything unscrupulously will lacerate others possibly. For example, one person has extramarital relations with a married person and sabotages other people’s conjugal love. Perhaps a person other than one’s spouse win the love battle, their behaviors will be regarded as hetesies and unable to be accepted by most people because such kind behaviors which only pursue goals regardless of processes are always immoral. That’s why so many people disagree with the fact that we shouldn’t take any means to attain goals even though these goals are worthy or sublime.

    However, to my understanding, results will determine anything and consequences will determine our history. If we focus on processes to much and ignore goals and results, we will doomed to failure and will be eliminated through competition. I took one conspicuous Japanese war history as example. Genpei War in 1180~1185 was notable in Japanese war history. Sea battle of Dan-no-ura is the most famous sea battle of Genpei War. In the Sea battle of Dan-no-ura, aristocrats Tair and samurairais Minamoto took advantage of battleships to attack each other on Seto Inland Sea of Japan. In the beginning of sea battle, aristocrats Tair stood on a vantage point because aristocrats Tair were skilled in sea battle. In that time, soldiers or samurairais couldn’t kill sailors during sea battle because killing sailors was considered to be a shame which violate samurai spirits. Nevertheless, samurairais Minamoto’s senior general, Minamoto no Yoshitsune shot and killed sailors of aristocrats Tair so as to turn defeat into victory. Eventually, samurairais Minamoto wiped out aristocrats Tair in Sea battle of Dan-no-ura because Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his troops took any means to attain the goal which was worthy at that time. As we know, samurairais Minamoto established Kamakura Shogunate and ruled Japan 150 years. The other singular example is the founder and the first shogun of Tokugawa shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Tokugawa Ieyasu was a subordinate of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who owned most power and was an invincible person in Azuchi–Momoyama period of Japanese history. However, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had no offspring until his later period of his life. After Toyotomi Hideyoshi died while Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s only son Toyotomi Hideyori was 7 years old, Tokugawa Ieyasu revolted against Toyotomi regime immediately and declared war to Toyotomi regime. Going through Battle of Sekigahara and Siege of Osaka, Tokugawa Ieyasu eradicated Toyotomi regime and built up Tokugawa shogunate though he was harshly denounced till present time. As everybody know, Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan 256 years and Tokugawa achieved his goal indeed. Of course, we can also shift our focus to the person who pays attention to process and regard taking any means to attain goals as unjustifiable behavior. According to the above statement called Battle of Sekigahara, Ishida Mitsunari who was a loyal courtier of Toyotomi regime took part in this war and was of a general of Toyotomi troops. He refused to raise a surprise attack to Tokugawa army while his military adviser gave him such kind suggestion. Ishida Mitsunari thought he and his troops should keep the major principles of righteousness even in the war and shouldn’t take the means which violate major principles of righteousness to attain goal. Finally, he and Toyotomi’s troops were badly defeated by Tokugawa army and he was arrested and chopped off the head. Ishida Mitsunari was incapable of protect and guard his sovereign, Toyotomi Hideyori from any invasion after he was putted to death. On the basis the above striking instances, we can realize that focusing on process and putting emphasis on morale will be doomed to tragedy.

    In conclusion, perhaps keeping high morale is encouraging, lacerating other people is unavoidable in this realistic world. Since we will hurt others no matter ho we careful of, we still take any means to attain the goals which is precious for us. If we take actions or do anything unscrupulously, not only do we achieve goals definitely but we have most lofty authority to explain definition of right and justice. After all, victors are emperors but losers are astray dogs. Therefore, I support the issue topic’s position that we should take any means to attain the goal which is worthy for us and this behavior is justifiable indeed.
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    My first - more to come

    A worthy goal often provides enough enthusiasm and required push to achieve it. Some try to achieve the goals in the righteous way and others try to achieve at any cost even if they chose the wrong path. In this discussion, I shall present the argument favoring the former statement and refuting the later statement.

    Every field in the current world has pinnacle position to achieve and everyone wants to be the best in his/her field. For example, a heavy weight boxer wants to lift the world title and to attain this he cant rely on steroids or drugs to get the job done nor he can adopt illegal practice. Mike Tyson the former world heavy weight champion in order to reach the pinnacle was ready to rip off his opponent’s ear which was a bad taste of sportsmanship. A Sportsman winning his goal without any illegal practices will have a legacy to live even after he retires and even when the person is no more.

    Making more money, this could be a very common goal for every individual. If every industrialist wants to cash in more money, some by providing less quality goods at greater prices while others resorting to illegal practices will end up society into a graveyard. If every government employee unless paid enough bribe will not perform his duties, an un-qualified person gets into the job through bribes and this can lead to heavy accidents. If any country wants to gain the supremacy over the world doesn’t feel using nuclear weapons as dangerous, we will be reaching the end of world quite soon.

    Moreover , Every individual while growing needs an idol to live up to and if the idol turns a fraud , this will shatter the individual’s dream and will leave the person bad taste. Setting righteous goals and working hard to achieve them through the means which are correct will not only help the person feel contended but also helps to create a better and safe environment.

    Finally, I concur that worthy goals are really worth achieving if the means of achieving the goals are correct and legal which will make a better tomorrow.

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