Author mentions that new use of Salicylates as food additive will continue with decline in number of headaches suffered by citizen of Mentia.This argument contains
Many flaws as I will explain below.
Firstly author says that Salicylate is having same chemical family as aspirin, but this does not mean that it has same effect as aspirin. Same chemical group may have
different chemical and physical properties. So this need to mention which properties are similar to aspirin. Further he says that food is also naturally rich in this chemical but since
past several decades many companies were increased using Salicylate as a food preservative .This rise is correlated with decrease in number of headache according to his twenty
year study. This statement has many flaws such as he has not mentioned about the which type of study? Which kind of participant? If they are already suffered from headache or
they are normal humans .Author also has not mentioned the statistical information about the number of citizens suffering from headache in Mentia. Due to Salicylates how many
citizens are feeling relief from headache? If there will be only some of the people using Salicylates and having effect then it is not considerable.
Then he also says recently food processing companies are also using Salicylates as a flavor additive.Though food preservation and flavor addition are two different
processses author has given same chemical. How from both processes same chemical can be useful to reduce headache? This needs to be clarified. Due to these processes
salicylates might lose some properties. So which are those properties?
In all author needs to give more evidences to prove that there is need to decrease the number of citizens suffering from headache and Salicylates are useful in
reducing the number of headache citizens in Mentia.