I'd like to talk about what to include in your body paragraphs for the AWA essay. You can use this rough outline for every essay that you write. Having an outline in place, or at least some guidelines, will help you save time on test day.

Every body paragraph should have three parts:

1. Identify the Flaw: You should begin the paragraph by identifying the flaw that you will discuss in the paragraph. You don't have to know the names of common flaws. Describing the flaw can help you save time and be more concise though. If you want to learn more about common flaws in logic, I recommend spending sometime on this website:

2. Explain why it is a Flaw (by example): Once you identify the flaw, now it is time to explain why it is a flaw. Usually this involves demonstrating what was left out, what was not mentioned, what was forgotten or ignored. Spend time in this part of your paragraph to really explain what is flawed with a premise or an assumption. The more that you can provide examples of how this flaw is harmful to the argument, the better.

3. Explain How the Flaw Weakens the Conclusion: You always want to end your paragraph by returning to the conclusion. Talk about how this flaw makes the conclusion false and if not false, at least doubtable. It is important to include this last step. You can't fully outline why a flaw is bad for an argument without returning to the conclusion or claim of the argument.

I hope that this helps you as you prepare for the AWA!