"In order for any work of art---whether film, literature, sculpture, or a song---to have merit, it must be understandable to most people."

Whether the merit of any work of art like film ,literature , sculpture or a song would help people to find good and understandable work, or not. I concede with the statement that the merit of art work is useful for people to find good work easily. However, the main problem exist here , who will give merit to art work?.

In Today's world, the merit of art is done by the critics. In many aspects' they do great work, but how can we say evaluation and review is based on their true intention. Many cases great work undergone due to weaker review and evaluation. For instance, all film is reviewed by critics and give rating to movies on the behalf of critics, but lots of movies who gain low rating still do very good business.

In addition to the argument, the critics should give feedback instead of criticism, it will help artists to hone their skills. They will evaluate their performance in their latest work on behalf feedbacks. It will not only help in improvement ,but also suggest them what people are excepting from their work.

In history many work who firstly disapproved by critics, but after some time they became so popular gained worldwide acclaim. For instance, Shakespeare’s, all time great writer ,firstly his work was disapproved because it was not in accord with neo classical movement style, but later people readied that work and Shakespeare became one of the great artists.

In sum, I concur that the merit of art work is necessary, but still their is problem who will do proper evaluation without any partiality. So it is best to give feedback to artist instead of criticism.