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Thread: Average length of an AWA response in words?

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    Average length of an AWA response in words?

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    Hi All,

    I would like to know what is a desirable length of an (ARGUMENT/ISSUE) response in words? Does a lenthy answer get you a better score ?


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    First note that your essay will be graded by an e-rater, which is software that checks your essay for structural keywords and overall organization. Then it will be graded by a human grader who has about 2 minutes to read each essay.

    According to Princeton Review "Cracking the GMAT," more length is better to get a high score from the e-rater (software that ). However 800score suggests that going on and on will irritate the human grader. I have read in a number of places that 300-500 words is a good length.

    In total, my take is that you should try to get as much length as possible without rambling. Better to have a 350 word essay with good structure than a 600 word essay that repeats points or is poorly organized.

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    I suggest the length be around 400 words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackyork View Post
    I suggest the length be around 400 words.
    I agree.
    By the way, I created a complete series of free videos that cover all aspects of the AWA section.
    You can find them at: GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment | GMAT Prep Now


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