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Thread: Vehicle inspection program

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    Vehicle inspection program

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    The new vehicle inspection program is needed to protect the quality of the state’s air, for us and for our children. Auto exhausts are a leading contributor to coughing, wheezing, choking, and pollution. The state’s long-term interests in the health of its citizens and in this area as a place to live, work, and conduct business depend on clean air.

Which of the following is an unstated assumption made by the author?

    A. Working and conducting business may be different activities.
    B. The Minister believes that Indian companies are looking for business expansion.The state has been interested in the health of its citizens even before this inspection program was proposed.
    C. Exhaust emissions contribute to pollution.
    D. The new inspection program will be effective.
    E. Our ancestors did not suffer from air pollution.

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    Inspection program needed
    Auto exhausts impacting ppl
    Clean air - important

    Before looking at the answer choices, I believe a major assumption is that
    Inspection program should be a success for the air to become clean

    which is restated in D
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    A and E makes no sense
    C is stated in the passage
    D it is !

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    Its D , because initiative is believed to be the one which will work to eradicate the problem.

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    Where can I get the vehicle inspection program? Is that program universal for all cars, no matter private cars or trucks?
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    A is pretty irrelevant and not really an unstated assumption
    B does nothing to link the premises and the conclusion
    C the conclusion is about health not pollution
    D that is an assumption. if you negate it, it weakens the argument
    E Irrelevant

    The answer is D. out of curiosity, what is the source of this question?

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