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Thread: Logical completion

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    Logical completion

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    Which of the following is the most logical completion of the passage below?

In the 1940s, the introduction of the 33 rpm long-playing vinyl record completely changed the way we listen to music. The breakable and three minute 78 rpm record soon disappeared from the marketplace. In our day, the compact disk, superior in quality and convenience, has replaced the vinyl long-playing record and will . . .

    A. increase the size of the record-buying public.
    B. increase the profits of the record industry.
    C. drive the 78 rpm record from the second-hand market.
    D. make the manufacture of phonographs that play 33 rpm records unnecessary.
    E.encourage the growth of computer-generated music.

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    33 rpm made 78 rpm go out of market
    CD replaced 33rpm and will ....

    A) there is no reference of the record playing public
    B) It is the record industry that is getting impacted. Rather the profits will reduce
    C) There is no reference of 2nd hand market.Probably 33 rpm already made this impact
    D) Plausible - though there is no reference of the manufacturers
    E) there is nothing in the passage that relates CD with computer generated music.

    I would go with D
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