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Thread: Graduation rates

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    Graduation rates

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    University systems that use graduation rates to determine which campuses are allotted additional funds are acting counter to their standard goals. The universities say they are trying to raise academic standards,yet they are actually encouraging campuses to graduate students regardless of achievement.

    Which of the following statements if true,would help to validate the approach taken by the university systems mentioned above?

    A.Graduation rates for university systems with this policy are among the highest in the nation,but the graduates from these systems score poorly on tests of basic skills.
    B.The campuses that need the additional funds the most are the ones that have the lowest graduation rates.
    C.The new funds will be allotted for facility upgrades,not new faculty positions or staff pay increases.
    D.Graduation examinations currently exist that require every graduate at each university to demonstrate a minimum level of achievement.
    E.An opposing plan focuses on providing extra funding based not on graduation rates,but on the percent of students that pass basic skills tests.

    OA to follow. Please give your reasoning as well.

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    An Urch Guru Pundit Swami Sage
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    I would go with D. We need to find which statment make the university's claim valid.

    A, B , C and E are all irrelvant. D supports contradicts the claim that the campuses are graduating people regardless of achievement.

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    D for me too.

    A- Opposite as it weakens
    B- Doesn’t say anything about the academic standards – not supporting
    C- Irrelevant
    D- Confirms that the minimum standards are ensured - CORRECT
    E- Irrelevant

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