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Thread: Probability

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    There are 9 teddy-bears in a toy store of two sizes: small and large. All large bears are either red or blue. No blue bears are small. Which of the following bears might exist?

i. A small red bear
ii.A small green bear

    iii. A large green bear

    A. I and II only
    B. I only
    C. II only
    D. III only
    E. II and III only

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    This is not a probability question.

    Small = S
    Large = L
    Red = R
    Blue = B
    Green = G

    The only bears that exist as per the given statement are:
    S (color not known)
    L R
    L B

    and we know that LB and SB cannot exist.

    Given the context - a large Green bear is also not possible because Large bears are only red or blue

    I believe 1 and 2 can exist since there is no restrictions on small bears.
    Answer should be A
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    Sandeep is correct about this not being probability question.
    I might add that this doesn't seem like a GMAT question either.
    What's the source of the question?


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