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Thread: Please help me out

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    There was a leakage in the container of the refined oil. If 11 kg oil is leaked out per day then it would have lasted for 50 days, If the leakage was 15 kg per day, then it would have lasted for only 45 days. For how many days would the oil have lasted if there was no leakage and it was completely used for eating purpose

    1) 72 2) 84 3)105 4)64

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    Say the consumption per day for eating = x kg./day, so for the first case, Total oil= 50*(11+x) kg.; and for the second case, Total oil= 45*(15+x) kg..

    Since 50*(11+x) = 45*(15+x) => x = 25 kg/day;

    So, the oil will past for 50*[(11+25)/25] = 50*(36/25)=72 days.

    Option A.

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    I think that is a great idea to start by giving the consumption per day a variable, like x
    then you have
    50 days*(11+xkg/day)=0
    45 days*(15+x kg/day) =0

    And then yes, you can set them equal to each other to get
    50 days*(11+xkg/day)=45 days*(15+x kg/day)
    to break it down a bit more, you can divide both sides by 5 to get
    10(11+x)=9(15+x) then you multiply everything out
    110+10x=135+9x isolate the x

    so now you know the rate is 25kg/day

    you can use that to figure out how much oil is in the barrel to begin with
    50 days (36 kg/day)= 1800kg
    (25kg/day)x days=1800
    The answer is 72 days

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