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Thread: Manhattan gmat sc - Pronouns

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    Manhattan gmat sc - Pronouns

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    Please help me understand the below sentence.

    Researchers claim to have developed new "nano-papers" incorporating
    tiny cellulose fibers, which they allege give them the strength of
    cast iron.

    The above sentence is from mgmat sc. Contextually, "they" must refer
    to Researchers (as they is used to refer to living things) and "them"
    to nano papers ( as nano papers are the things being developed which
    get cast iron strength).

    So the sentence seems to be correct but as per the guide it is wrong
    as the antecedents "they" and "them" may refer to any of the nouns. Please
    explain this as any other noun will not fit in here and so the sentence seems to be correct as it is.

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    Actually there are -"researchers", "nano-papers" and "cellulose fibers" --- can fit to the pronouns "they" and "them". As there is no clear anticedent, the option is not correct. I think, if it is a question with five answer options, there must be an option (the best one) that has clear anticedent.

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