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Thread: GMAT Sentence Correction Help

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    GMAT Sentence Correction Help

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm planning on writing my GMAT very soon and for some reason, I just can't get any better at sentence correction!!!

    I found the other sections of the test to be fairly straight forward and easy but SC is REALLY frustrating me. I answered the first 50 questions in the OG very well, gave a few wrong answers between 51-70, but since then I have been getting getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many questions wrong (almost half of the questions from 90 - 110). Haven't done the rest yet.

    I've gone through and studied the Manhattan Sentence Correction Strategy Guide, and I know the content well. But I find that as I'm reading the SC questions I just can't quickly identify what's wrong. I'm relying a lot on my ear to tell me when something is up - which I think is a problem.

    Any strategies or tips? How did everyone else improve their SC? How do you approach SC?


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    Hi 740Wannabe,

    You have to stop relying on your ear. Certainly you need to focus on SC and solve more problems there. By practicing many questions, you will be able to identify what the sentence is testing and differentiate one sentence from another. Pay attention to details in each of the answer choices. That would give you a clue for what has been tested. Many GMAT takers advice 3 things; practice, practice and practice.


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    Sc help

    WHat are good books for quality SC problems & sollutions.

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