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Thread: Conjugated Verb form?

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    Conjugated Verb form?

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    In the search for alien life, astronomers have recently begun studying a promising region, a solar system that is populated by a number of potentially life-friendly planets formed by fragments of an exploding star some 7 million years ago and features many of the geological and climatic prerequisites for the evolution of life.



    C]had featured



    Can any one explain the use of verb forms Underlined and Bolded?
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    The answer should be A.

    i.) verb tense of the first phrase "solar system that is populated" is present and so out of construct, the second phrase also should be in present. so remove the B(past) and C(past perfect).
    ii.) Solar system is a singular noun. so remove E cos "feature" is wrong..
    iii.) Try putting the second phrase in place of the first place "a solar system that features many of the ...." against "a solar system that featuring many of the ....", where the latter is awkward. You can remove D also..


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