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Thread: Concept Clearence

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    Question Concept Clearence

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    Dear All,
    Pls refer to the following problem. I want to clear my concept about in which situations should we prefer ing form of verb to infinitive form.t

    Formembers of the seventeenth-century Ashanti nation in Africa, animal-hideshields with wooden frames were essential items of military equipment, a method to protect warriors against enemy arrows and spears.
    (A) a method to protect
    (B) as a method protecting
    (C) protecting
    (D) as a protection of
    (E) to protect

    My first preference was to E and second preference was to C
    Official Answer is C

    Pls Help !

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    Observe carefully we are talking about Animal-hideshield which was not a method but a think that used to protect.
    In these type of questions we have to see what thigns does the blank point to.
    here i think it points to animal-hideshield which is a thing protecting warriers
    hope thigs helps

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