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Thread: Useful websites for GMAT practice

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    Question Useful websites for GMAT practice

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    Hello Urch members,
    This is Kshitij Thool. I have found this website recently.
    I am looking for the GMAT practice websites to estimate realstic score.
    Please suggest me free GMAT Practice websites for practice.

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    I think definitely the best place to get practice is through the free software you can get from GMAC. Since they are the official test makers, they have the best practice material. In addition, most of the major test prep companies like Veritas, Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT, and the Economist GMAT tutor all have online courses that you can sample for free to see which one you like best and which best suits your studying needs. Veritas also had a free quiz bank that is a great source of practice questions.

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    Pl. try this.

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    Re: Useful websites for GMAT practice

    Since you asked....... our free site has everything you need: GMAT Prep Now | Free GMAT video course

    Brent - GMAT Prep Now

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