business type
Main items:
Diplomas, transcripts, embassy certification, certified by the Ministry of Education, student card - OFFER like.
Transact real embassy notarization (ie, returned overseas students to prove unsuccessful charge)
The Ministry of Education to handle foreign academic degree certificate. (Available online for permanent archiving, fast and secure)
Handle each National Diploma (one professional services, can monitor the whole track the progress) of each university

Company philosophy
We survive by quality, service and development have a strong, professional team of consultants for your answer carefully, you can go into the details, it is true, seeing is believing, so you really worry, ordinary life, the best I could let us join hands and help you round your dream!
Service purposes: to create the domestic first-class students returned to service, integrity, truth, quick, quality, customer satisfaction as we strive to complete the benchmark.
Welcome your advice: Maybe your first call, or an online consultation will change your life! Now introduce; certification expedited processing business!

Business Scope
Main country: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Europe and so on -----!

Contact information
Intimate Line:
Q / micro letter: 2370724872
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