These are the comments of my friend who took the GMAT on 11th Jan.

->The boards are not a worry at all.

"SC's are very high on number are their diff level is also good 'cause the
sentences are big as well as wholly underlined. I got around 18 SC's

RC's are pretty much the same, 3 passages. two were 55 lines and one 70. But a scorller is there now so its easier to view.

CR's were very few, around 10 and two bold faced.

Math was again pretty much the same but probability was really simple
(I got 49, so the level was also good). I got two perm/comb ques
where I had some prob. but can be worked out with practice.

The Background has been changed and I found it better than the previous one although the bluish color has disturbed some.

All the best. "

Hope the comments help.
Am looking for Kaplan Workshop, it was available earlier on a link but it doesn't work now.
Also some Maths online test link would be helpful.

ppl please come forward and share your experiences.