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Thread: Business Phds: USA v/s Canada

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    Business Phds: USA v/s Canada

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    ]Hi Everyone,

    Trust you are doing great.

    Quick overview of the post

    I have completed by masters in India and planning to apply for Finance PhD programs in this year's application cycle (fall 2015 cohort).
    I want to compare business Phd prgrams in USA & Canda and my chances of getting admits in these programs, and a tenure track/teaching positions later on in decently paying schools in Canada after that.

    Though I am not disinclined to do good research, my primary motive to do a Phd is to settle in USA/Canada with a green-card/citizenship as early as possible.To be honest, I am considering Canada because I have heard that they have very immigration friendly norms for top Phd students and give permanent residency just after 3-4 years into the program. On the other hand, I guess it's quite difficult to get green card in USA for Indian these days. I also believe that it's much easier to have a balanced life while working in Canadian universities due to relatively lesser competition.


    Brief profile

    PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad (top ranked Indian B school with few past alumni working as professors in top US universities); 3.6/4.33 ( top 4 in a batch of 400; 1st rank in 1st year common curriculum) - was ranked in top 3 students among a 350 strong class in many economics & finance courses; many institute level awards for academic performance [/COLOR]
    B. Tech & M. Tech Electronics & electrical engineering IIT Kharagpur 6.7/10 (bottom 20%)
    CFA level 3 passed (2007-09)
    I took GRE 6 years back and scored 1450/1600 ( Q 800, V 640, AWA 3.5), but will have to take it again since it has expired [/COLOR]
    Have some very good ranking in all India examinations such as IIT-JEE Screening 17/200,000, CAT 99.96% etc...
    Have been working with one of the top-3 management consulting firms as a consultant for last two and half years.

    I know few people suggest RA positions to boost profile but this won't be possible for me due to personal reasons.

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    You should move this question over to the business PhD forum. I think that most of us don't check the other forums on this site very much.

    Frankly, your motivations seem inauthentic. Any "good" school in the US or Canada is going to expect a strong ability to do research. The fact that your primary motive is not research, means it will be more difficult for you to get into a program. After the fact it will be difficult for you to finish the program and then get a job. It seems to me that there are easier ways to get a green card to move to North America. The choice is yours, but I don't think you have the current motivation to get into a program.

    Also, as an aside, the top programs in Canada (arguably any AACSB accredited programs in Canada) are going to be equally as hard on work life balance as any school in the US. People don't enter our profession because they want a lot of time off.
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