Hi All,

I am currently in first year of econ phd at a decent ranked US program. Considering the 5-6 years that lie ahead, I have decided to drop out of my program and join the industry. Skipping over the ethical arguments around this decision (I am firm about it), I want to ask you all a question and your advice on the same: when I apply for jobs, should I show in my resume that I am enrolled in a phd program ? I was hoping to state the facts and disclose this to my employers at the time of interview. Do not get me wrong, I do not intend to hide this fact but my only concern is, will employers shun my resume just by seeing a job application from a guy in his first year of PhD (which clearly means he is dropping out). So that is my confusion. I just need to get to the interview round somehow and obviously I want to avoid doing things that will disqualify me right off the bat.

In addition to this phd, I have a master's in econ from a top 15 US school. I am international student.

Thanks a lot!