I have received an offer for the MSc in Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). However, I am thinking of changing to another program; MSc in Finance and Economics

The reasoning behind my decision is as follows; I am willing to pursue an academic career, thus will be applying for the MRes/Phd in Finance offered by LSE upon completion of my taught masters degree. Therefore, the MSc in Finance and Economics will better suit my career goals. In addition, the program will enable me to complete the MRes/Phd program in 4 rather than 5 years.

If you could help me by answering the following questions, I would be forever grateful

  • Is this a wise decision ?
  • Can I easily transfer from one program to another?
  • When should I transfer to the other program, before or during the Michaelmas term ?
  • Is the MSc Finance and Economics program more challenging ?
  • Will I be able to catch up with the quantitative modules of the course given that I come from a business/management background ? How should i prepare?

Thanks you in advance