Hi all,

I am applying for the Cambridge MPhil in Finance and the MPhil in Economics.

I know that for the MPhil in Finance a GRE score is not required. However, I already took a GRE some time ago and I ended up with Q/V/AW=88/87/80. Would that score support my application or can I better not submit it for the MPhil in Finance?

For the MPhil in Economics a GRE is required, and the website states that "The Faculty will not normally consider admitting a student whose score registers below the 90th percentile in the quantitative section and below the 50th percentile in the analytical writing section of the test.". Does anyone know if the cutoff is really that strict? Would my score still be ok?

(My undergrad grades are very good and I have an ibd internship at one of the big banks in the city, for all that it's worth)

Thanks in advance.