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Thread: MA/MSc./MPhil in Economics at UK/EU schools

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    MA/MSc./MPhil in Economics at UK/EU schools

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    Test Scores:
    GRE: Will be taking in November, aiming for 335+
    IELTS: Will be taking in November
    CAT 2013: 99.91 percentile in 175,000 students

    Undegrad GPA:

    • Studied at a top 15 engineering college in India (around 98.2 percentile in the entrance test)
    • B.Tech in Biotechnology (GPA- 6.51/10), 3rd quartile in terms of ranking in class
    • Have taken courses in Advanced calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical methods, Statistics and probability, and Economics
    • Grades in mathematics related subjects are average , cleared all exams in first attempt though

    Graduate GPA:

    • MBA from a top 5 business school in India, in a major Indian university
    • 65.03 % marks (first division, second quartile in ranking in class)
    • Have taken courses on Strategy, Finance, and Micro and Macro economics
    • Grades in Strategy and Economics subjects are above average.
    • Additionaly, I cleared the CFA level 1 exam and the FRM level 2 exam.

    Research Experience:
    None, other than the masters dissertation.

    Teaching Experience:

    Concentration applying to:
    MA/MSc./Mphil./M.Res in Economics, Quantitative Economics, and one program in Strategy

    Work Experience:
    One and a half years as a Management Consultant in a Big4 in India. Have worked two strategy and one operations and tax related project.

    Number of programs planned to apply to: 10-

    1. One of Oxford/Cambridge
    2. LSE
    3. MRes. in Economics- Universitat Pompeu Fabra
    4. MPhil.- Tinbergen Institute
    5. Stockholm School of Economics
    6. KU Leuven
    7. Warwick University
    8. Erasmus University- Mres in Strategy
    9. Mannheim university
    10. Columbia New York

    Dream Schools: Oxbridge/ UPF Barcelona/ Tinbergen


    1. Am I applying to too high a quality of insttutes?
    2. What are the chances of scholarships at colleges like Oxbridge/LSE/Warwick/Columbia ?

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    Re: MA/MSc./MPhil in Economics at UK/EU schools

    1. Yes, you are applying way to high given your GPA. Your GRE has to be really good to compensate your low undergrad GPA.
    2. Scholarships for master's are very unlikely in UK and the same goes for a master's in Columbia. But you can have funding from external sources like the Commonwealth scholarships for UK.

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