I have admits from these places. I am interested in behavioral/experimental economics. UCSC has one big name in this field (Dan Friendman) and even in my interview it looked like the professor was trying to hard-sell his program to me. I even got an email from Dan about UCSC's experimental lab and its strenghts etc.

Wisconsin on the other hand (mind you, it's the business school, not econ department) has some nice work going on in behavioral economics in the context of health insurance choices (and possibly applied to asset allocation in general). My interest is also in household finance.

Santa Cruz is a great place and Wisconsin winters are dreadful. Also, attrition at UW business is almost non-existent and their prelims do not have the traditional macro/micro/metrics requirement.
UCSC has good record of corporate placements but not many academic placements.

I am really confused between them. Requesting any guidance please !