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Thread: Barcelona GSE (ITFD) vs Duke (MA Economics)

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    Question Barcelona GSE (ITFD) vs Duke (MA Economics)

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    Hi all

    I am an undergrad (engineering + eco) from India with 2 years work experience in the risk side of a European bank. I recently applied for master's in economics so as to follow it up with a PhD (preferably in development econ, but still flexible). From general opinion, the best PhD options are in US and that is what I'm aiming for.

    Now, I have been admitted to two programs:
    1. International Trade, Finance & Development at BGSE (with 25% fee waiver) - 1 year
    2. MA Economics at Duke University (no scholarship) - 2 years

    Since I want to do a PhD and my undergrad math grades aren't exactly stellar, my main concerns are two-fold: improve mathematical abilities & obtain better recommendations. In the current scenario, the faculty & placements from both the places seem similar (top 5 of the class in top-25 PhD), however there is a gargantuan difference in the cost of the two programs. Comparing this with the difference in ranking (Duke~20, BGSE~35), and the fact that one is in Europe and the other in US, it seems quite a confusing option.

    So, if anyone can provide some advice/opinions for the two programs, I'd be extremely thankful.


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    Re: Barcelona GSE (ITFD) vs Duke (MA Economics)

    I would advise you to go to Duke. ITFD is the "cash cow" of the Barcelona GSE and people graduating from there usually do not go on straight to PhD programs, since ITFD does not prepare you well for Econ PhDs.

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