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Thread: Pursue an economic path from a law background

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    Pursue an economic path from a law background

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    Hi everyone.

    I found this terrific forum, and I thought that, maybe, I would be able to get some feedback about my current situation.
    In short, I have an undergraduate degree in law, from an university in Chile. But what I really expect to do -even regarding what uncommon it could be- is get into a graduate program in economics (Msc or MA) in order to try an application to a phd program in US.

    As you could imagine, my academic background has nothing to do with math or Econ; nevertheless, I expect to take this year -I began on January- to prepare myself in math, take some courses at university or college level at the end of this, and the following.

    However, I do not know whether my plan it's a whole nonsense or a foolish dream. Therefore, I would be quite grateful if someone could tell me about some options for someone in a situation like mine is, or if know someone who did something similar; also, whether it is not too much to ask, some information about good masters programs that could help me to get that math and Econ background.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Pursue an economic path from a law background


    I think your path sounds good. There are a lot of good MA programs in economics. The main difference in applying for an MA or PhD program is the perquisite level of mathematics. A PhD program would require a minimum of three semesters of calculus, linear algebra, and some econometrics/statistics. MA programs may require as little as a semester of calculus. Some MA programs have higher math requirements.

    My advice is to look for masters program that roughly fit your level of math background. You should also reach out to programs directly to ask if your background would be acceptable, even if you are missing a prereq or two.

    I'm happy to chat more if you want to PM me.

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