Undergraduate Institution: Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Major: Economics

Minor: None
GPA: 3.31/4.33

Type of Student: International
Upper Division Courses: Calc I (B), Calc II (B-), Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory (A), Intermediate Microeconomics Theory I (B+), Intermediate Microeconomics Theory II (B-), Intermediate Econometrics Methods-seminar course (B), Statistical Analysis of Economic Data (B), Linear Algebra (C+)GRE: 159V, 160Q,4.5W

Recommendation Letters (I plan to request the following. See note below):
-well-known economics professor who taught me Advanced Macroeconomics Seminar (A-)
-Economics Development Seminar (A)
-Econometrics Methods Seminar (B)

Previously I asked these 3 professors for reference letters for graduate economics programs & was accepted to all of them. However, I didn't attend graduate school due to personal reasons i.e. mandatory military service in Taiwan. I've now changed my mind and decided to go for Statistics.

Applying To: MS Statistics (Rutgers) , MS Statistics & Data Science (University of Houston)

Skills: R, Python

Research Experience:
Public Policy Professor - co-author for academic journal article using statistical analysis discussing civil service culture

I know my GPA is quite low, but I've been told that:
1. SFU is known for its relatively harsh grading scheme i.e. the percentage who get grades in the "A" range are quite low- 10% or less I've been told.
2. SFU is a still relatively top ranked school in Canada so unless you're applying to top ranked grad programs with these grades, I should still have a chance.