Hi people,

I plan to apply to a master degree in Europe next year, and would be pleased if you could help evaluating my profile

Undregad GPA: 8.2/10 (standardized). I graduated in 7th out of 75 people on the class, from a top 3 economics school in Brazil (Insper).
Grades: Calculus: A/ Calculus II: B/ Statistics: A/ Statistics II: B/ Econometrics: A/ Econometrics II: B
Recommendation letters: I intend to take from tearchers from my university, but I don`t think I was the most memorable student.
GRE: Haven`t done yet, but I think I will do well
PROS:I`m currently working as a professional economist in the largest investiment bank in Latin America (2 years).
CONS: I did not well in my last year (my thesis was a D, for instance). That`s because I was more interested in working at that year than in my thesis.

I was thinking about Msc in LSE/ Mphil Oxbridge. Do you think I got a chance in any of them ? If not, what about Barcelona GSE MEF, and Bocconi Msc in Economics and Social Sciences ?