Hello everyone,

Could you please evaluate my profile and check if i知 not overestimating my chances?

i have only done undergrad so far, and I知 also considering getting an European masters.

Undergrad GPA: 3.35 (could go to 3.5) or 8.3/10 (standrised, Brazilian top-3 university), ranking in the 20% of cohort.
R.A experience: With a professor that seems to like me enough to write me a good reference letter. Was top 2 in her class.
Also another one for two years, that one in a group so maybe not a stellar letter but a good one.
Recommendation letters: one from the R.A professor i mentioned, another one from my advisor (top 10 economists in my country, i believe could write a good letter).
GRE: not yet, some schools don稚 require it so I may give it a second thought.
Awards: I think I can win a prize for the best thesis in undergrad.

Considering applying to (Msc): Cambridge, Mannheim, BGSE, CEMFI, LSE, Bonn, UCLouvain, Tilburg, Toulouse, PSE and (maybe) Bocconi.
I知 fine with doing my PhD from any of these unis (maybe not Bocconi), so I may continue after masters.

Does anyone know if I知 aiming too high?

Thanks in advance.