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Thread: Phd Econ in Madrid

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    Phd Econ in Madrid

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    Hi everyone!

    I will move to Madrid the next year so I'm planning to apply to PhDs in Economics there. After some research on the internet, I found UC3M and CEMFI are the best programs in the city. However, I do not know more details about them.

    Please, if any insider read this post, can you give me some insights about the two programs? I know there are some posts about these schools but I would like to get updated information.

    The attrition rate
    How is the quality of the training?
    The main strengths
    The best professors
    The support on the Ph.D. process
    How good was the job market this year?

    Ex-ante, I would like to specialize in macroeconomics and econometrics.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Phd Econ in Madrid

    I do not know much about the programs, but I know that prof. Arellano teaches at CEMFI. If you want to go into econometrics, I don't think you will find a bigger name there.

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