Hello everyone!

I have received an admission offer from Barcelona GSE for the M.Sc in Macroeconomic policy and financial markets program. The offer is partially funded, so I will have to spend 10000 euros + living expenses (1 year). As an international student, I need to get a clear idea of how would this programme help me in the future, that is, whether an investment worth it or not?

I am a Mathematics graduate from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and have worked as a research associate in the economics area at Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Both of these institutes are the best in the country and have an excellent international reputation. Through my work until now, I have garnered an enormous amount of interest in financial markets; I aspire to either work for international development institutions as a financial economist or as a global investment manager in international corporations.

The concerns I have in mind are as follows:

1. Non-EU alumni placement information:
It is not possible to figure out how non-EU students have fared after graduating from the Barcelona GSE website and resources. As a non-Spanish speaker, I want to know h
ow the opportunities to find a job within the EU after this program are?
As another poster @iitiim has mentioned before: "At the end of it, if I have to return to my home country, then I don't think I will be able to get a job that offers any significant raise from what I am currently earning, which basically means I will get no return on the investment."

2. Location of the programme:
The programme takes place in the Bellaterra campus, and all other BGSE master's programmes take place in the Ciutadella, how does this affect the living experience (as I see networking one of the essential components)?

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!