I have been accepted into both these programs and having a hard time deciding between the two. I aspire to get a PhD in Economics from a top ranked university. Which of the 2 programs would you suggest?

Factors to consider:
Assuming cost is not a consideration and I am indifferent between London and New York as far as 2 yrs of Masters is concerned, which program presents better PhD prospects for me?

My background:
1. Bachelors and masters in engineering from one of IITs in India - didn't do very well academically there
2. Worked in risk management in New York for a multinational financial institution for 3.5 yrs
3. Took some undergrad econ and math classes at Columbia on part-time basis and got straight As.
4. No research experience in economics as of now
5. One publication in machine learning in 2013

Thanks in advance.