I am on a bit on unorthodox path. Currently I work in fire/ems having graduated in 2016 with double major in biology and economics. I am applying to medical school, but the soonest I can attend is the 2020 fall semester, so on a whim last winter I took the GRE to see if I could apply for a masters program in economics. The reason for this is that I hope to work in emergency medicine to help develop and improve upon rural pre-hospital care systems throughout North and South America. I would love to tailor my masters degree towards international developmental economics, similar to my undergrad.
I am in a spot where I am following my girlfriend to law school, and we are more than likely ending up in NYC. I am pending an NYU decision on my app (though it seems unlikely given that most acceptances seem to have gone out), but I have received a NSSR acceptance with a very generous scholarship. I had two professors who received their PhDs from there, so I am somewhat familiar with the school's teachings, however, I am unfamiliar with how the school is viewed in academia. I have checked online, but other than a few old forums with charged opinions 10+ years ago, I can't find any thoughts or inputs on attaining a masters from this program. What is the New School's reputation?