Hi All,

I've been considering pursuing a masters in economics for some time now, and have identified CEMFI as a solid program. I'm very interested in pursuing a degree in Spain, due to the lowers costs, as well as the opportunity to live in Spain for 2 years.

I'm curious to get the group's opinion regarding the competitiveness of my application. My undergraduate degree is certainly relevant, but I am a bit concerned about the less than stelar GPA. My work experience is also relevant, but I'm not so sure that european grad programs place much weight on job experience.

My background:

1) 3.4/4 GPA from Texas Tech University - Bachelors degree in Finance

2) 2 Years working for Goldman's fixed income asset management business, as a product management analyst

3) Have not taken the GRE yet, but with 4-5 months of study, can expect to have a competitive score

Any input would be much appreciated.