Type of Undergrad: B.E (hons.) Mechanical Engineering MSc.(hons.) Economics from top university in India (BITS Pilani)
Undergrad GPA: 8.5/10
GRE: 164V 160Q (Will retake GRE if time permits)
Math Courses:
Mathematics I(A-), II(B-) & III(B),Probability and Statistics(B-), MSME (A),Econometrics(B),Applied Econometrics(A)
Econ/Fin Courses:
Principles of Economics (B), Macro(B), Micro(B), Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting(B),Economic Growth and Development(A),International Economics(B),Public Finance(A) ,Derivatives and Rism Management (B),Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management (A) ,Financial Management(B), Business Analysis and Valuation(A-),Economic Env. of Business(A)
Other Courses: C Programming (B)
Letters of Recommendation: My options are1-2 profs from college and 1-2 researchers from internship, 1 from workplace
Research Experience: I have interned in NIPFP (research institute of Ministry of Finance), CAFRAL (
research wing of RBI) and Thesis(B) in CAF (Indian School of Business). No publications.

Work Experience: 1 year 2 months work experience in J.P.Morgan Chase where I actively assisted in evaluating assumptions of risk models
Teaching Experience: NA
Research Interests: Banking, Macroeconomic Modelling, Financial Markets & Regulation but I'm open
1. Received 40%-80% scholarship for 4 out of 5 years during undergraduation

2. Founder of college magazine to encourage student journalism on campus. Active participant and core member at the Young Orators Club of Secunderabad for 5 years.
3. Volunteer experience of 1+ years with Teach for India and Bhumi NGO


  • I'm interested in pursuing masters programs (similar to Duke's Masters in Quantitative Financial Economics) with an interest to pursue PhD in Economics/Finance in the future
    • Based on current profile which programs and which schools can I target? Please do let me know if you have any specific suggestions.

  • Does the school have a demonstrated history of placing grads in Economic/Financial Research/Financial Firms?

Any and all inputs are welcome!