Hey folks,
Hope all is well. Hoping to get some feedback on my profile. I am applying for a Masters in Financial Economics. I can't recall specifically my GPA, but I know it is close to or equal to 3.70 overall and 3.53 for Econ and Math Specific. I have taken the following math classes: Calc I (A), Calc II (C, I know low mark, but this class was tough for me), Calc III (B), Differential Equations (A), Probability Theory (A), Linear Algebra (B), Statistics (A).
For those who would like to know my econ grades, Econometrics (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Intermediate Macro (A), Advance Macro (At least at our university, the professor said it was) (A). I am looking at Master's in Financial Economics and would also like to end up doing work in International finance. Took a class and got an A in the course and absolutely loved it. I would share my GRE scores, but I am taken it at the end of this month. based on projections from practice test (160 Q) and paper test (162), which I would like to score higher of course. Thank you for the feedback and if any of you know a program that I should look into as well, let me know. Take care everyone.