Hi All,

I recently graduated with a BSc in economics degrees and have been applying to Master programs for the terms 20/21. As of now I hold offers from UCL and BGSE (BGSE incl. 50% tuition waiver and havent heart back of LSE as of now), however, I am very unsure which program I should choose. I initially had a preference for the UCL programm for the following reasons:

  • I am more interested in Micro-/Labour-economics and BGSE seems to be better for Macroeconomics.
  • I also heard that the quality of the courses at UCL is supposedly better than at the GSE and that it seems to be easier to graduate with distinction from UCL because the cohorts are more consistent.
  • Regarding reputation, both programs seem to be more or less equally well regarded, however, I heard/read everything from UCL >> BGSE to BGSE >>> UCL.

Most of these issues are of course very subjective so I am happy to hear your thoughts!
I now received the offer from BGSE with a 50% tuition waiver (making it approx. 60% cheaper than UCL) and I am now wondering whether going to UCL for the reasons above outweights the difference in tuition fees. I am planning on going on to a "good" PhD program afterwards and potentially staying in academia so scoring well in the masters and also obtaining a degree of a well-regarded university seems to be quite important.

So is UCL better than BGSE or is BGSE the better choice?

Thank you a lot for taking the time to read through my question! Any recommendations or opinions would be much appreciated!

Quick facts on my profile (since helpful for reference for future info seekers):
* Graduated with an equivalent of a first class degree (Top 5%) from a "Top 3 University" in Germany (according to rankings at least).
* GRE - Quant 165
* Worked as a RA and did a few internships at banks, insurances, economic consulting firms etc. (in hinsight found that to be helpful for master applications)