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Thread: MSc Econ at LSE vs ESS at Bocconi?

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    MSc Econ at LSE vs ESS at Bocconi?

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    I have offers from the following master programs:

    – MSc in Economics (one year) at LSE,
    – Master in Economic and Social Sciences (two years) at Bocconi,

    Which offer should I accept? If you think I should accept X, how much better is that compared to accepting Y? (I only have until Friday 25 July to respond, so I would appreciate any thoughts as soon as possible! )

    Some background about me:
    – I have done RA work for two years, so I already have two good letters.
    – I have a fairly weak math background, so I hope to take a master that can signal that my math abilities are strong.
    – I aim for an academic career with the next step being a PhD in economics either in the US or at a top institution in Europe. Although in case I change my mind, it would be useful to know how these programs are perceived outside of academia as well (especially in policy).
    – My main research interest is microeconomic theory, especially decision theory and game theory.


    (I posted a similar post at EJMR a couple of days ago. Having looked at some of the threads on the Urch forum, my impression is that answers are of a higher quality here)
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