Undergrad (UVA), no grad work.

GPA: 3.77, 3.9+ in stat/math/econ (I did the McIntire school and hated it, that pulled me down a bit)

Stat major, econ minor (also an irrelevant commerce major)

Courses: Linear (Intermediate and Advanced): A, Calc III and ODEs (in High School Dual Enrollment), Stochastics: A, Real Analysis II: B+ (took the second one and not the first because I did not have time for both), SProbability (was only undergrad in graduate course): A, Stat Inference (was only undergrad in graduate course): A, Time Series: A, Metrics (I and II): A, Game Theory: A, Intermediate Micro: A, Intermediate Macro: A-, some other random stat and math courses that I got As in.

Research: None as an undergrad (stats program did not have the honors thesis option and I did not RA). Been working since August 2018 at a top 3 econ consulting firm, have been able to do a couple projects that were non-litigation and were more research like.

GRE: 170Q/165V; Did not get to take GRE Math Subject due to COVID cancellation

Recs: mix of professors, and supervisors at work who had worked in academia before consulting. Applied to Melbourne and was told in interview that my recs were very strong.

Coding: Stata, SAS, R, SQL. Very extensive professional coding experience.

Applying to both stat econ programs as I could see myself either in stat theory, or in metrics theory in an econ program. Most likely a PhD but the ETH Zurich masters in stat to strengthen research experience is also appealing.